Hengill, budget group accommodation close to Reykjavik, Iceland – Built in 2009, the Hengill Lodge is the latest addition to the Ski Lodges at Bláfjöll (e. Blue Mountains); a ski area located roughly 25 km outside of central Reykjavík, Iceland.

The Lodge can accommodate up to 90 people in sleeping bags across four rooms; there are also two separate “guide” rooms that can host two people in each. The Lodge has two dining rooms that can either be kept separate or opened between each other. The kitchen’s facilities are of a high standard, with equipment suitable for preparing meals for large groups.

The Lodge has four flat screen TVs equipped with DVD players; two are located in the halls outside of the sleeping quarters, and two located in the dining facilities. The dining room, directly outside of the kitchen, has sliding patio doors which can be opened to provide ample air circulation, great for warm summer days.There is also a 3G wireless Internet connection within the Lodge.

The Lodge is great for those looking for a base close to Reykjavík but with direct connections to drive to the south part of Iceland (Road 1) or from/towards Reykjanes (from KEF airport and the Blue Lagoon – Road 41, 42 and then 417). Roads leading up to the Lodge are in good shape;two lanes are paved all the way towards the parking lot in front of the Lodge, with very easy access.

Location+63° 58′ 50.88″, -21° 39′ 3.97

For more information call +354 5877080 or +354 5813245. You can also send an email to skalanefnd@gmail.com


Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavikpic02

Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavik

The Lodge was built in 2009.

Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavik

Great kitchen facilities (with extra storage, such as coolers/freezers in the cellar).

Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavik

There are four nice “corners“ with leather sofas, LCD TVs and DVD players.

Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavik

The Lodge offers four spacious sleeping quarters for upto 90 people in total

Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavik

Very nice facilities than can be opened up on warm days

Hengill Group Accommodation near Reykjavik

Picture showing the ground floor